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About / How we work

As opportunities arise, our clients like to test hypotheses in the most straightforward manner and adapt flexibly to project needs for rapidly obtaining proof of concept, not limiting themselves to their current in-house capabilities or capacities.

Expertise and network

We are using our technical competence, business experience and established network to provide you with independent advice and hands-on project management support. If required, we will work with carefully selected, pre-agreed technology partners in order to deliver appropriate high-quality data for achieving your R&D objectives.

Value creation and business behavior

You can always rely on us being highly client and results-oriented as well as impartial and objective in our recommendations. We aim to deliver on goals and inspire our clients in the process. While working on a project-basis or as an "external resource", we always conduct business to the highest standards and with great integrity.

Strict confidentiality

After signing a confidentiality agreement, a first meeting with you at no charge will set the stage for elaborating a proposal, which will usually delineate more than one option to reach your goals. After agreeing on the path forward, there only will be one point of contact for you working according to a pre-defined milestone plan. Being fully cognizant of sensitive intellectual property issues, we guarantee strict confidentiality, as even technology partners will not know about your involvement.